Adventure Log: Adding Vintage Stars Wars And Comic Cards

I was browsing Carousell and was trying to pick up new card sets to add to my growing collection. Although the focus of this website is still on arcade cards, I happen to chance upon this seller with a complete collection of old vintage Star Wars and comic cards.

Old School Trading Cards From An Era A Long Time Ago

I do not really collect comic books, so it was the first time I even knew these cards existed! Since they were going for a rather reasonable price, I decided to pick them up and upload them to the site, allowing everyone to appreciate the artwork. It feels quite amazing to be holding on to a piece of pop culture that is almost 40 years old. I hope you can enjoy the beauty of these cards virtually (once I manage to upload them) and stay safe during this time!

Yours Truly

The Cardboard Archivist.   

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