Arcade News: Free Pokemon Promo Tretta With Every Play

If There Is A Beginning, There Will Always Be An Ending

There is a promotion going on now for the Pokémon Tretta arcade machine in Singapore. Whenever you play a game, you will be entitled to a promo chip. However, there is a daily quota on these promo chips so fastest fingers first. If you missed out on getting the chips for that day, you would need to go back tomorrow for their next daily quota. While stocks last of course. So, the question is this. why is the distributor offering free promo chips with every play?

What Is Inside This Mystery Bag?
There is No Mystery, The previous player before also got the same chips.

If you are not aware by now, this Z4 series is the last series of the Pokémon Tretta. There is no more future release. The Z4 Pokémon Trettas were in fact first released back in Japan in 2016. As usual, Singapore is a small country and not exactly the origin of these cool intellectual properties. As such, we are never the first ones to experience these machines. With the end of Z4, the distributor is trying to stretch out these machines’ playability as much as possible. When that happens, demand for Tretta chips in the secondary market will collapse. There will be plenty of people with extra chips with nobody buying them, like my grandmother’s stamp collection. Yes, the item might be old and out of print, but nobody wants it. And as such has no value.

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