We Are Now On Patreon!

Thank you for visiting this archive, and we hope you are enjoying your time here! From our backend statistics, we notice that the visitorship has increased steadily month after month since the site’s inception. These numbers tell us that our hard work is appreciated, and users value our services.

As you know, the only way to continuously improve your experience is to innovate constantly. To sustain and grow the site, we have created a Patreon page. A direct donation setup will free us from the various inconsistent revenue models necessary to develop this site. Currently, we have two tiers. The first tier is a basic one that supports our web hosting, plugins and other web development tools.

The 2nd tier is a bit more experiential, where you will receive a random trading card mailed to your physical address every month. That way, you will be able to experience the same journey with us as we uncover the extraordinary hidden world in little pieces of cardboard. I appreciate your support again, and I hope you can join us on this trip to create the world’s largest archive of arcade, trading and game cards.

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