The Collector Base

About The Collector Base
The Collector Base, located in Singapore, is a speciality shop dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts of various hobbies. The shop prides itself on being established and managed by actual collectors, ensuring an authentic and passionate approach to its products and services.

The store features various collectable items, including action figures, model kits, statues, and other memorabilia from popular franchises. Their inventory includes both new releases and rare, hard-to-find items, catering to the diverse interests of their clientele. Additionally, The Collector Base regularly updates its stock, providing collectors with the latest additions to the market.

Apart from selling collectables, The Collector Base also emphasizes community engagement. They host events, meet-ups, and workshops, creating a space where enthusiasts can connect, share their interests, and learn from each other. This community-centric approach enhances the overall experience for customers, making it more than just a retail store but a hub for collectors.

For more information, you can visit their website at The Collector Base.

The Collector Base Funan Outlet Location Map

The Collector Base Funan Outlet Location Map

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