Wizard Magazine Card Kibosh-O-Meter 01 Dale Keown’s Pitt

Real Name: Pitt
Group Affiliation: Creed
Age: Measured in mental and physical achievements
Height: 7′
Weight: 497 lbs

Part of a warlike alien race that specializes in the conquest of planets and the complete genocide of their indigenous life, PITT is a savage among savages. In one such excursion to the planet Chakra, PITT murders a young crippled alien. In an attempt to save the young boy’s mind, a psychic by the name of seer blanks out PITT’s mind and transfers the boy’s fading consciousness into the murderous alien. Escaping to Earth, PITT now has to come to terms with what he is, and avoid the other aliens of his race who have been sent to bring this deserter home.