Wizard Magazine Card Kibosh-O-Meter 03 Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood

Team Leader: Sentinel
Team Roster: Riptide, Cougar, Brahma, Photon, Psi-Fire
First Appearance: The Megaton Explosion, 1987

The Youngblood away-team was created to handle crisis situations and preserve U.S. interests overseas. Be it a rescue, assault or reconnaissance mission, this team of super-powered commandos can turn any no-win situation around and come out on top. The team is led by the high-tech armored Sentinel, and consists of: Riptide, a beautiful “witch” with the magical ability to control water; Cougar, the animalistic badboy of the group: Brahma, the towering muscleman: Photon, the energy-wielding warrior from the planet Valencia; and Psi-Fire, the telepathic/telekinetic/pyrokinetic loose cannon.


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