Wizard Magazine Card Kibosh-O-Meter 04 Jim Lee’s Stormwatch

Team Leader: Battalion
Team Roster: Winter, Fuji, Diva, Hellstrike
Base Of Operation: Sky Watch space platform
First Appearance: StormWatch #1, Feb 1993

StormWatch is a crisis-intervention team formed by SkyWatch, a combination of the CIA, NASA and the Pentagon. SkyWatch was created by the UN to monitor potential “hotspots” across the globe, and handle any situation that may escalate into a global crisis. Supervised by Weatherman One and led by the armor-clad psionic Battalion, the StormWatch members are: Hellstrike, the arrogant British pyrokinetic; Diva, the Italian mistress of sound: Winter, the Russian whose ability is to transform kinetic energy into cold: and Fuji, the Japanese ex-sumo wrestler who can control his molecular density.