Wizard Magazine Card Kibosh-O-Meter 05 Rob Liefeld’s Supreme

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6′ 6′
Weight: 1,800 lbs
First Appearance: Youngblood #3, Oct’92

During the early 1900’s, Supreme was one of only a handful of super beings on the planet, and easily the most powerful. Though revered as a god, he grew weary of life on Earth an set off to find new worlds to call his home. Dissatisfied with what he found, he returned to Earth in 1993. Since his departure almost a century earlier, the world had changed. With such super-beings as Youngblood Spawn and Brigade in existence Supreme was no longer “Number 1”. Now one of the most powerful beings in existence must deal with something even his awesome might may not be able to handle-a bruised ego.