Wizard Magazine Card Kibosh-O-Meter 08 Jim Valentino’s Shadow Hawk

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
First Appearance: Youngblood #2, June 1992

Just one big revolving door. You commit a crime and the worst that can happen is that you get caught. So? It’ll be a short stretch, then you’re back in the streets-free to walk. And free to rob. And rape. And murder. That’s the way it is, but that’s not the way it should be, and one man has sworn to do all he can to put an end to this vicious cycle. Known only as Shadowhawk, this mysterious vigilante stalks the night in search of those who prey upon the weak, and, by crushing their spines, imprisons them in a prison from which they’ll never be “free to walk.”