Wizard Magazine Card Kibosh-O-Meter 09 Marc Silvestri’s Stryke Force

Team Leader: Morgan Stryker
Team Roster: Black Anvil, Bloodhow, Killrazor, Tempest
Base of Operation: Mobile
First Appearance: Stryke Force #1

Instead of relaxing on his days off, Morgan Stryker, the leader of Cyberforce, heads up an elite team of super-powered bodyguards. Willing to take on almost any assignment for the right price, Codename: Stryke Force will tackle any mission no other team would dare risk. With Stryker calling the shots, the other members include Black Anvil, the near-invulnerable muscle man; Bloodbow, the archer without equal; Killrazor, who can produce razor-like weapons from any part of his body: and Tempest, who can manipulate the wind into a lethal force.