Wizard Magazine Series III Card 01 Violator

Real Name: Violator
Age: Centuries old
Height: 3′ 4″ (human form) 11′ 2 1/2″ (demon form)
Weight: 203 lbs (human form) 725 lbs (demon form)
First Appearance: Spawn #2

Origin: Though next to nothing is known about the creature that calls itself the Violator, what is known is that he is one of the five demonic creatures who call themselves the Phlebiac Brothers. All of the brothers (Violator, Vacillator, Vindicator, Vaporizer, and the Vandalizer) are denizens of the eighth sphere of Hell, and serve the demon lord who granted powers to the hero known as Spawn.

Powers: Though the full extent of the Violator’s powers are unknown, he has exhibited shape-changing abilities, superhuman strength, and incredible stamina, and he has proven to be nearly indestructible.