Wizard Magazine Series III Card 04 Cyberforce

Team Leader: Stryker
Base of Operations: Gabby’s Gas ‘n’ Grub, Westchester, New York
First Appearance: Cyberforce #1 (limited series)

Origin: The members of Cyberforce, all mutants, were abducted by the evil megacorporation known as Cyberdata. They were surgically altered and bionically enhanced by the company, but only for use as its pawns. Cyberforce has since rebelled against the corporation that created the team.

Roster: Team Leader Stryker, the four-armed strategist; Ripclaw, the Native American with claw-like hands; Cyblade, who can create weapons made of mental energy; Velocity, the teen speedster; the plasma bolt-wielding Heatwave; Ballistic, the lethal weapons master; and Impact, the muscle of the team.