Wizard Magazine Series III Card 05 Ripclaw

Real Name: Robert Bearclaw
Age: Unknown
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 245 lbs
First Appearance: Cyberforce #1 (limited series)

Origin: Ripclaw was born with mystical powers that give him enhanced senses, as well as small, razor-like claws. He was abducted by the Cyberdata megacorporation at an early age and experimented upon by its scientists and surgeons. After the efforts to “improve” him were completed, Ripclaw escaped his captors. He now battles Cyberdata as a member of Cyberforce.

Powers: Ripclaw’s senses are far more acute than a normal man’s, and a special chip in his brain gives him control over the shape, size, and sharpness of his claws.