Wizard Magazine Series III Card 08 Doom’s IV

Team Leader: Grimm
Base of Operations: Skull Mountain, Southern California
First Appearance: Doom’s IV #1

Origin: When an asteroid the size of a small city is spotted on a collision course for Earth, plans are put into motion to place it in orbit around the Earth and mine it for its precious ores. But when the asteroid expedition team is infected with a mysterious virus, the asteroid is destroyed, and the three surviving members are heralded as heroes in a TV cover-up scam. Later, when those three survivors begin to mutate, they are contacted by Grimm, a time traveler from the future…

Powers: Led by the mysterious time traveler Grimm, the Doom’s IV team consists of the flameless heat generator Burn; the ghostlike Slyder, who can pass through walls and levitate; and the shape-shifting sand-to-rock giant known as Brick.