Hi. My name is Jerry and I love going to the arcades. In fact, I having been visiting them for the last 30 years and will continue to visit them in the years to come.

In most arcades, there will always be some machines that will dispense a card or token after you play. This adds a highly collectable element to the game and people tend to go back to these machines to complete an entire set.

Collecting an entire set, however, it not easy and you would need to trade with other players to complete your collection. After these games drop in popularity, the distributor will pull the game from the arcade. The machines then become obsolete and most information about the cards and games are deleted. After a while, nobody remember these games anymore.

My objective is to collect these cards, archive them on this website so that they will be remembered in the years to come. Furthermore, a database like this could also serve as a platform for players to manage and even sell their cards to other like-minded collectors.

A successful platform requires users to submit their personal information. To be responsible, I decided to register a business and draft the terms of conditions of use according to Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission. Your privacy is important to me and I hope you enjoy using the site just as I did!