Why Sell Your Cards At Arcade Game Cards?
There are many ways to sell your cards online. You can put them on craigslist, eBay, Carousell, or any of the numerous marketplaces out there. However, the main problem with these sites is that they are not buyer-centric. You can probably list certain cards for months and even years without getting a single inquiry. In addition, selling common or obscure cards can be quite a hassle. These cards are not worth much, and it takes quite a bit of effort to take individual photos of every single card and list them online.

Instead, some people take the easy way out and sell everything they have as a set. The problem with this is that you will rarely encounter a buyer who will pick up all your stuff at one go. Buyers are only interested in those missing cards they have.

To resolve this issue, we have decided to create a new experience in how we sell cards. Here’s what you need to do to get started.

  1. Register for a vendor account and fill in some basic information on shipping and payment methods you accept.
  2. Search for any cards you have in our archive and click on the “sell this card” option.
  3. All information on the card will be prefilled and you only need to fill the prices and the condition of the card. No additional photos are necessary unless you want to add them yourself.
  4. If we don’t have the card in our database, do create a new listing using your vendor dashboard.
  5. Potential buyers can either scan the marketplace or find your listing at our product archive page. Which will greatly increase your chance to sell your cards.
  6. You can also send the link of your store to your friends so that they will know what you have on hand which makes trading your cards a lot easier as well.

How Much Do You Charge For Listing Or Selling My Cards?
We do not charge any listing or final value fees. The whole idea is to create a community and an online resource where it is possible to find both common and obscure cards missing in most marketplaces. And, of course, to give you an idea of what the cards look like in a set before you go and collect them. To supplement the costs of running this site, we will be adding affiliate links on certain product pages. In addition, we will also be selling merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies for those who are interested in supporting our cause.

Shipping Fee Calculations
Our shipping options are currently limited to either free shipping or a flat fee across all items. We may add in variable shipping options for different product types in the future. Please remember to setup your shipping information in your vendor dashboard after you have created your account.

Payment Options
Our payment options are currently limited to transfers or credit card payments via Paypal. Any payments made by the buyer will automatically go into your Paypal account. Please remember to update your Paypal Address inside the store setting. Cash on delivery is also an option if you do meet ups or delivery.

Dealing With Fakes And Counterfeit Cards And Solving Disputes Between Buyers And Sellers
For some series, there are a lot of fake cards in the market. We hope that the scanned copy of the originals will help you determine the item’s authenticity. However, we cannot be responsible for the items sold by individual vendors. Nor are we able to solve any disputes between buyers and sellers on our platform. For high value items, we suggest that you use the cash on delivery option and meet at your local game store. Or request for a reputable 3rd party to help you carry out authenticity checks.